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Treating (complex) SQL views as entities in .NET with SQL triggers.

Did you know that you can use a SQL view for your entities in your favorite ORM framework? In this article I will discuss the reasons why one would do that (and why not). I will provide a case study where we try to achieve this, and try to find workarounds for problems that come along the way.

Let's create a stock tracking app in .NET MAUI - part 4

The stock tracking app is almost done. This part is about finetuning and optimizations. In this part we will implement a loading indicator and display the total portfolio value and total target % on the main page. To finish things off will revisit the StockPositions property and use a better alternative for the ObservableCollection.

Advent of code 2023 - day 5 (excel + C#)

The elves are asking for help to organize and understand their food production problem. I started this exercise with excel and switched to C# to solve the second part of the problem.

Advent of code 2023 - day 4 (SQL)

The elves are asking for help with their scratchcards. Over 200 of them! This is a sign of a serious gambling addiction. Now, usually I would not help them with such a task because it reinforces the addiction. On the other, this is a good programming practice, so it's a win-win ;) Today I'm using SQL to organize the cards and solve their problem.

Let's create a stock tracking app in .NET MAUI - part 3

The stock tracking app is beginning to take shape. However, it is still missing one of the essential features: charts. In this part we will implement a details page where we can see the history of a stock's price on a candlestick chart. We should also be able to edit the amount of shares owned and target %, and a delete button will be added. Finally, we will color positive and negative price changes and highlight stocks based on current value vs. target value.

Let's create a stock tracking app in .NET MAUI - part 2

We continue the journey of developing a stock tracking app. In the last part we created the layout, integrated with a third-party API to load stock data, and implemented some caching mechanisms to reduce the request rate. In this part we implement the value change for the different periodicities and a sorting functionality for all columns. We will also implement an add button, so that we no longer have to fiddle around in json.

Advent of code 2023 - day 3 (Haskell)

The elves need to use a gondola lift to continue their adventure, but it's not working 😲. To fix the engine, I decided to give Haskell a go. I was heavily invested in Haskell a few years ago, but other priorities and projects made me lose interest. When I started this puzzle, I had forgotten most of it. I believe Haskell is beautiful as a pure functional language that is well suited for a few specific projects. But being able to write efficient, easy to read code is an art that requires a lot of time and practice. Practice that I have not had in a long time, as you will see. I am writing this article to describe my thought process.

Advent of code 2023 - day 2 (C++)

It's a new day in the Advent! Today the elves are playing with cubes. This time I decided to use C++ to solve their problem.

Advent of code 2023 - day 1 (F#)

It's that time of the year again. It's almost Christmas. You might look forward to opening presents, spending time with family, or enjoying good food. But for developers who enjoy a challenge this is the time to time wake up early for new puzzles to unlock. Yes! It's Advent of code. Let's take a look at what Eric Wastl has to offer this year.

Let's create a stock tracking app in .NET MAUI

I have a keen interest in personal finance and investing. An excel file or third party apps don't really provide the tools that I'm looking for to track my investments. So as a developer, what better way to explore a new technology (.NET MAUI) than to create such a app yourself? This article will provide a step-by-step guide to do this. I will assume that the reader understands the fundamentals of C#, XAML and MVVM.

State or territory for app service domain registration in Azure

Some things in Azure are harder than they should be. Here we are discussing why "state or territory" as part of your contact information during an app service domain registration is not so straightforward, and how we can pass validation when creating a new app service domain.